TO GET our kids ready for adulthood and teach them to have successful careers.

We strive to help our children develop.  We strive to spend quality time together and we strive to enjoy each and everyday that God allows us to enjoy life.  We are focused on the few remaining years we have left before our children are grown.

Connie pa

Years together: 19
Position: Wife

We met in Hawaii in 2001 and fell in love quickly.  We were a perfect match and raised three wonderful children.  She is the light of my life and I tell her I love her about 10 times a day.

Caitlyn pa

Years of age: 15
Position: 9th Grade

Caitlyn is my youngest and does very well in school.  She is in Dual Enrollment like her brother and plans on becoming a lawyer.  She has the tenacity of a lawyer so I believe she will achieve her dream.

Greigh Pa

Years of age: 18
Position: 12th Grade

Greigh will gain his High School Diploma and Associates Degree in Liberal Arts.  He will be going to Coe College in Cedar Rapids in the fall of 2020.  I wish him the best.

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I will be updating their pictures in 2020.  These pictures are from 2016 but I did update their information.   Mahalo.

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Gabby Baysingar

Years of age: 21
Position: Chef Gabby

Gabby is working at Costco (samples) and Freddy's Restaurant.  She is in the process of advancing her career and plans to be independent soon.

“This website is really cool.  I can't believe how quickly Rick got it working.”



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