Rick Pa
Systems Administrator / IT Support

(563) 949-2291

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I have a very wide range of expertise starting since the 1980's.  As our technological world evolves, servers and application hosts are moving to the cloud.  Cloud services such as Exchange365 and Office365 can easily move typical server rooms into the cloud allowing a single IT administrator to manage small and medium-sized enterprises.  The future role of the IT support field will be to manage the gap between the user and the cloud.  Cloud-based database applications are currently evolving as well to help us reach an IT environment which works exactly the same whether you are in the main headquarters, remote office, home or hotel room.  Cloud-based computing will also allow disaster recovery far beyond what is currently possible.


I got my first certification for Microsoft Windows NT back in 1999.  Since then I have increased certifications to suit the environment of most offices.


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